What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

“I see resumes all day long…but the students and graduates from Santa Barbara Business College stand out from those piles of resumes I receive."

– Laura, HR Director, Fusion Contact Center (Santa Maria)

“I like the instructors here, but I especially like my networking instructor. He’s been really encouraging, really knowledgeable. He’s been in the industry for a long time, working with computers since they were glass tubes. He’s always there to help if you ever have any questions."

– Joshua F., ASNSA, SBBCollege Graduate 2011  

“I knew I didn’t want to become a lawyer, but I did want to be in the legal field. Santa Barbara Business College caught my eye because I could be in the legal field as a paralegal and it would only take about a year and a half."

– Lena M., ASPL, SBBCollege Graduate 2011

“I enjoy Tort law, believe it or not. Before I took the class, I had no idea what tort was. But coming out of the class, I felt like I learned what somebody learned in law school."

– Leslie H, PL, SBBCollege Graduate 2011

“The hands on learning here is phenomenal… it’s not just book work but it’s hands on. What I do here at school I will also be doing in the doctor’s office where I will be working."

– Alan T., ASMA, SBBCollege Graduate 2010

“The beauty of Santa Barbara Business College is they get you in, they get you trained and they get you out. It’s a fourteen month period instead of three years, which is the average time it takes just to get in to the class at another school."

– Korey J., LVN, SBBCollege Graduate 2011

“The admissions associate greeted me like I was his old friend. It made me appreciate the school and the teachers."

– Rachel S., BSBA, SBBCollege Graduate 2013

“For the school to honor my service and to able to take my post 9/11 GI Bill, I knew this was the place for me to come."

– Andrew B., NSA, SBBCollege Graduate 2011

“This school is different from other schools. You can finish the courses in a short period of time, so that you can get out in the field instead of being in a four year college."

– Sandi C., ASPL, SBBCollege Graduate 2011

“I picked SBBCollege because the classes are smaller. You don’t feel so nervous answering a question or worrying about people making fun of you because you asked a certain question."

– Brittany H., MA, SBBCollege Graduate

“I went to check out Santa Barbara Business College, and I liked them very much because they worked around my schedule and they made me feel extremely important in my career choice."

– Tracie G., ASCJ, SBBCollege Graduate 2011

“I graduated from high school in 1979 and it was thirty years before I decided to come back to school and I was a little nervous. But when I arrived at school, I felt like this school had my back. It was so comfortable and the learning was so easy."

– Alan T., ASMA, SBBCollege Graduate 2010